Timeless Automotive Lifestyle


Classic design elements paired with cutting-edge technology result in the timeless DEUS ethos.


Accompanying vigorous spirits while they make a statement in the world.


The comfort of practical vehicles follows aesthetics, assuring daily enjoyment.

DEUS is a way of seeing life.

Vigorous and enthusiastic, DEUS energy focuses on the most precious delight:

driving as a form of art.

The essence of Austria

With its imposing architecture, vast heritage of art and a rich history, Vienna, the capital city of Austria, served as the perfect corner stone for the creative manifesto of DEUS.

Shaping the future: Hyper Lifestyle Vehicles

We were inspired to shape an atemporal, yet charming and vigorous brand. It reflects individual moments, where the hand of destiny, together with our determination, created a path for our story. That, combined with the spontaneity of ideas and events, resulted in the brand’s first creation: DEUS Vayanne.

Adrian-Filip Butuca

Head of Design


October 14, 2023

DEUS is the reflection of a limitless design universe, captured in a lifestyle automotive world. Thus, as this elegant experience is evolving, so did our emblem in an expressive and authentic way.

December 12, 2022

Masters Expo Amsterdam 2022 was an extraordinary fit for the Vayanne, as it incorporated many niches from the luxury world, thus highlighting the aspects of an elevated lifestyle that the Vayanne is

September 28, 2022

Port Hercules: an amazing and immersive experience for DEUS Vayanne on display exactly where it is expected to be to offer visitors cutting-edge experiences paired with the finest yachts.

Timeless Automotive Lifestyle

Luxurious, charming and remarkable, DEUS brings Hyper Lifestyle Vehicles to life.