We create a path where there is none.

The story of transforming a dream into reality


Adrian-Filip Butuca, born 2002 in Romania, was mesmerized from a young age by cars: mysterious vehicles that embody the ultimate spirit of expression and freedom. 

Since childhood he felt that his path in life will be tied to cars. “The first memory of me wanting to do more with cars than just drive them, was when I imagined that I would transform the Mercedes of my father into a flying car with retractable wings”, he recalls.

Together with his family, he moved to Vienna, Austria, in order to pursue his education there.



Adrian-Filip dedicated the majority of his free time to different projects, such as a device that produces endless free electricity, which ultimately did not succeed.
Later, he began to explore the possibility of expressing his dream of a custom designed vehicle by means of digital 3D modeling.

Adrian-Filip remembers: “One thing I knew for sure, if I wanted to get into the car industry, I had to act. That is why I combined my obsession for cars with my passion for computer science. I felt that the best idea was to start with designing the shape of my own vehicle concepts in 3D. Long periods of intense work followed, where I was glued to the computer, but also periods of breaks.” This way, he conceived 15 vehicle concepts – first, more abstract and then more feasible.




He slowly built a design identity for the vehicles he designed, centered around symmetry and infinity. This would serve as the corner stone for the future spirit of DEUS. Comparing his concepts to existing hyper and super cars, he felt that something had to be done differently in the industry: a vehicle that was designed from the ground-up to combine extreme performance with daily functionality under the umbrella of an energetic and timeless lifestyle.

“The name DEUS came up quite naturally for the brand that I envisioned for my concepts. It chose itself, so to say. It is powerful, vivacious and timeless, exactly what we, as a company, stand for.”




After a couple of years designing vehicles, he felt ready for the next step. In this sense, he applied for internship positions at numerous automotive companies, only to be rejected by all of them. “I was disappointed at first, but shortly after I knew that this had to be a sign for me to get even better in what I was doing.”

The pandemic hit the world unexpectedly. It gave Adrian-Filip time to sketch and model the first iterations of the Vayanne, its name being a tribute to the city of Vienna, which also served as inspiration for the perception of DEUS. Timeless, yet modern and always evolving.




Despite his subsequent efforts, Adrian-Filip did not find the support of a mentor to guide him through the process of making more out of his designs. 

With the help of his family, he made a decisive step and founded DEUS Automobiles. Today, it is composed of a talented, experienced and passionate team of people.

The first goal of DEUS was to secure the basis of a technical partnership. “We contacted Italdesign Giugiaro to explore the possibility of collaboration. From the start, we connected exceptionally well as we shared common values.”

Shortly after, WAE Technologies joined the partnership alongside DEUS and Italdesign Giugiaro, providing excellent knowledge for the first Vayanne demonstration vehicle.




On April 13th 2022, DEUS Vayanne was officially launched at the New York International Auto Show. People all around the world showed a different range of emotions, from excitement, wonder and, as always, skepticism. General reception however, was positive. 

After New York, several public and private events followed that year to showcase DEUS Vayanne in high end lifestyle contexts, such as Monterey Car Week and the Monaco Yacht Show.



As of now, our mission and determination are stronger than ever: to create niche automotive pieces of art that can be enjoyed day by day. Until now, those were two seemingly different concepts, which DEUS aims to unite like never before. Soon, the story will be continued with even more to be excited about. Stay connected.

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