Timeless Automotive Lifestyle


Classic design elements paired with cutting-edge technology result in the timeless DEUS ethos.


Enabling vigorous spirits eager to make a statement in the world the way to do so.


The comfort of practical vehicles follows aesthetics, assuring the daily enjoyment.

DEUS high performance vehicles are a way of seeing life.

Vigorous and enthusiastic, DEUS energy focuses on the most precious delight:

driving as a form of art.

The essence of Austria

With its imposing architecture, vast heritage of art and a rich history, Vienna, the capital city of Austria, served as the perfect corner stone for the creative manifesto of DEUS.

Shaping the future: Hyper Lifestyle Vehicles

We were inspired to shape an atemporal, yet charming and vigorous brand. It reflects individual moments, where the hand of destiny, together with our determination, created a path for our story. That, combined with the spontaneity of ideas and events, resulted in the brand’s first creation: DEUS Vayanne.

Adrian-Filip Butuca

Head of Design


February 2, 2024

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February 2, 2024

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January 19, 2024

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Timeless Automotive Lifestyle

Luxurious, charming and remarkable, DEUS brings Hyper Lifestyle Vehicles to life.